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Free Shipping Available. Buy 168 Grain on ebay. Money Back Guarantee Barnes TTSX 30 (.308) BT 168 grain. 592 kr. Finns i lager. Vänligen kontakta butiken för leveranstid. Lägg i varukorg. The 168-grain TSX BT has a secant ogive which lengthens the nose profile and has shown superb accuracy downrange. It offers the best of both worlds because it's also a premium hunting bullet offering exceptional terminal performance. It is best suited for cartridges such as the .308 Winchester, .30-06 and .300 Weatherby Barnes Kula TTSX BT 30 Cal (.308) 168gr. 575 kr. Kopparkula helt utan bly. Polymerspets för ännu bättre balistisk kofficient. Håligheten i spetsen är omgjord för snabb expantion, 100% restvikt för djup penetration, 4 rakbladsvassa vingar, kulans dubbla diameter ger stor chokverkan TAnd thanks to its full copper design, the TTSX round is a non-leaded projectile, this means that where laws require this is the best round to use for hunting applications. Caliber.308. Grain 168. Bullet Barnes Bullet. Bullet Features BT (Boat Tail) Tipped. Casing Lapua Brass. Velocity 2680 fps - 24 Primary Use Type Hunting. Manufacturer.

.308 Winchester 168 grain Barnes TTSX~ The .308 Winchester is a rimless, bottlenecked rifle cartridge and is the commercial cartridge from which the 7.62×51mm NATO round was derived. The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952, two years prior to the NATO adoption of the 7.62×51mm NATO T65. Winchester branded the cartridge and introduced it to the commercial hunting market as the .308. In this video, I put the Barnes 168 Grain TSX BT to the true test, hunting an actual deer. This video is not a ballistic gelatin test, it is the results of. Re: Barnes TTSX/TSX 168 eller 150 grains till 308W. Jag fyllde hylsans till farsans 308 o 150 grains med n202 max var 43 grains. Men ska du upp i 850m/s så får du ladda hårt, vi fick ca 835m/s i hans forrester, gissar på 55cm pipa! Dessa laddata var i hans bössa så börja lägre Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 308 Winchester 168 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 20. Product Family #: 1001614993. Product #: 260876. Manufacturer #: 21541. UPC #: 716876030866. Loading image... Our price. $69.99 ($3.50 per round) 0 at this price My son has been succesfully using factory Barnes TTSX 168 grain ammunition in his Rem 700 Tactical Rifle for deer over the past 5 years. It has a 16 barrel and he shoots it with suppressor. I have acumulated about 120 empty Barnes 308 cases from him and I would like to work up a custom deer load for his rifle using his favorite TTSX 168 grain bullet

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Seconds. SKU: .308 168 gr Barnes TTSX Defense/Hunting-1 Category: .308. Description. Additional information. Reviews (0) The 168gr Barnes Triple Shock -X (TTSX) projectile has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets you can use in a 308 platform. And thanks to its full copper design, the TTSX round is a non. Barnes Bullets 30 CAL (.308) 168gr TTSX - 50 Count. Barnes Bullets 30 CAL (.308) 168gr TTSX - 50 Count. Manufacturer: Barnes; 50 Projectiles; 1492 Available. $0.540 Per Projectile. Availability: Out of stock. Brand: Barnes. Qty: $26.99 . Since its introduction in 2003, Barnes' TSX Bullet has earned a reputation as the perfect hunting. Given the already reduced case capacity of the .308 Win compared to other .30's, the increased length of the 168 gr. TTSX, and Barnes bullets liking a good jump/deeper seating, I'm wondering if the 168 gr. TTSX limits the charge capacity and simply can't be pushed fast enough out of a .308 Win to get ideal expansion I know this isn't super long, but I am planning on shooting Barnes TTSX as it seems to be the most accurate from my gun, and I have heard great things about these bullets. I was planning on shooting the 168 grain, but am a little concerned with the velocity at these ranges, as the TTSX requires velocity to expand

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joeelk- You may have more experience with the various .30 caliber bullets than I do, but several years ago with a brand-new NULA .308, I tried a variety of Nosler and Barnes bullets in the 150 - 168 grain range. However, for some reason I never got around to using the 168 TTSX Barnes Vor-Tx Rifle Ttsx BT 168 Grains 30-06 Sprg 200Rd Case (10 Boxes) Rating Required Name Review Subject Required. Comments Barnes Vor-Tx 308Win 168 Grain Weight Ttsx 20/2. Barnes. MSRP: $45.69 $37.10 Barnes Vor-tx, 308win, 168.

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Take, for example, the .30-cal., 168-grain TSX, which has a BC of 0.404, while a .308-inch, 168-grain TTSX has a BC of 0.470. How much difference does this make? Actually, quite a bit Jun 6, 2013. #5. I shoot the 168 TTSX out of my HS precision SPL 300 WM. I have shot one mule deer with it so far. 360 yards bullet hit low in the ribs, dropped him DRT. I have a elk hunt this fall, my buddy is hunting a bull and I have a cow tag. He cant believe I would shoot a 168. I am loading him 180 Accubond for his 300 WM Barnes VOR-TX .30-06 Springfield Ammo 168 Grain Polymer Tipped TSX Hollow Point Boat Tail is lead free precision ammunition loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. The Barnes 308 round is ideal for medium-sized game, offering devastating results on any mammal that can be hunted in North America Product Info for Barnes Vor-Tx .300 Winchester Magnum 165gr TTSX BT Rifle Cartridges - 20 Rounds VOR-TX Ammunition delivers handloaded precision in a factory round super-engineered to stop big game in its tracks. Expect complete penetration from our all-copper bullet technology with virtually 100% weight retention and double-diameter expansion. It's a flawless confluence of bullet integrity.

Caliber: .308 Winchester Bullet Type: Barnes Tipped Triple Shock Projectile (TTSX) Bullet Weight: 168 Grain Rounds: 200 Rounds per Box Muzzle Velocity: 2670 fps Muzzle Energy: 2659 ft/lbs Bullet Ballistic Coefficient: 0.470 Brass Casings Features: * Premium Barnes TTSX Bullets * Lead Free * Precision formed cases * Clean Burning Powder The .308 168 grain TTSX is ideal for hunters in pursuit of medium sized game. Specifically designed to for long range accuracy, Barnes bullets are known for their gnats eye levels of consistent accuracy. The bullets are built to quickly penetrate game hide and muscle layers and enter the body cavity I sent a question to Barnes about the minimum impact velocity for the 168 grain, 30-cal TTSX. Here's what I got back today: The .308 168 gr. TTSX will expand down to an impact velocity of 1500 fps Barnes Bullets 30 Caliber .308 180 Grain TTSX Tipped Triple Shok X Boattail (Per 50) 8% OFF! $43.03. ADD TO CART Barnes Bullets 168 Grain TTSX Ammo Details This 308 Win cartridge from Barnes' VOR-TX line of ammunition features a 168 grain TTSX BT projectile. The bullet is inherently accurate thanks to its ballistically efficient boat tail design which gives it superior resistance to wind drift, a flattened trajectory, and greater momentum downrange

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Barnes Vor-Tx .30-06 Springfield 180 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 20 (1) $69.99 $3.50/Round. Barnes Vor-Tx .308 Winchester 150 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 20 (1) $71.99 $3.60/Round. Barnes Vor-Tx .260 Remington 120 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 20 $69.99 $3.50/Round Munitions BARNE Bullets Calibre 308 TTSX 168 Grains, achetez au meilleur prix du Net. Retrouvez sur notre boutique meyson.fr un large choix de Munitions de cha .308 Win Barnes TTSX 168 gr. Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Bullet is a modern, premium hunting bullet that is 100% lead free and is designed to be the best premium hunting bullet available. The Tipped Triple Shock X features all copper construction of the body of the bullet, a polymer tip for streamlined profile and to aid in rapid expansion, the body of the bullet is grooved to reduce pressure. Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 308 Winchester 168 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Barnes bullets have historically had the reputation of offering quick, clean and humane kills. Now they are taking their highly regarded bullets to the next level loading them in ammunition Sportsman's Guide has your Barnes VOR-TX, .308 Winchester, TTSX-BT, 168 Grain, 20 Rounds available at a great price in our .308 Winchester Ammo collectio

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.308 Winchester (Barnes Reloading Manual #4) Barnes Load Data reloading data with 152 loads. Using bullets from Barnes TSX FB, Barnes TSX BT, Barnes MPG FB, Barnes TSX BT or MRX BT, Barnes TSX BT, MRX BT or BND SPIT, Barnes RN Solid. Powders include Accurate, Ramshot, IMR, Hodgdon, Winchester, Allian I now use 168 grain Barnes TTSX bullets in the 30-06 and 225 grain TTSX bullets in the 338 Winny. I know IMR 4350 is a go to 30-06 powder, I just believe there are more better powders that give similar velocities, meter through a loading scale better and give more consistent velocities in a wider temperature range Re: 130g Barnes TTSX in a 308 LTR? I could not get the Barnes to shoot well enough to satisfy me in a .308 Patriot....granted at much faster velocity than the .308 Winchester. I tried the 130 and the 168. Ended up going with a 150gr Nosler

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  1. Be the first to review Barnes Vor-Tx .308 Winchester 168gr TTSX BT 500 rounds Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Nosler .308 Winchester 168 Grain Custom Competition Brass Cased 500 rounds $ 635. 00 Add to cart
  2. Hallo Foristi, hat hier wer Erfahrungen mit dem Barnes TTSX in 150 bzw. 168 grain aus der .308 (außer Sakohunter)? Wie ist die Wirkung auf Reh- und Schwarzwild? Gerne auch Ladedaten per PN wenn einer was hat. Besten Dank im Voraus! Forestgum
  3. Barnes Vor-Tx .308 Winchester 150 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 20 (1) $71.99 $3.60/Round Barnes Vor-Tx .30-06 Springfield 168 grain TTSX Boat Tail Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, 20 $69.99 $3.50/Roun
  4. Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 168 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 50. Our price $47.49 ($0.95 per bullet) Our Price: $ 47.49 ($0.95 per bullet) Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos.
  5. Brand: Barnes | Bullet Type: TSXBT | Grain: 168 gr | Reloading Caliber: 30 cal | Reloading Diameter: .308 | Rounds: 50 Barnes Tipped TSX (TTSX) Bullets 30 cal .308 165 gr TTSXBT 50/ct BX30368 Show Spec
  6. Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Bullets 30 Caliber (308 Diameter) 168 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 50. $ 45.99 $ 41.00. Product Information. Bullet Caliber : 30 Caliber. Diameter : 0.308 Inches. Grain Weight : 168 Grains. Quantity : 50 Bullet
  7. Nonetheless, subsequent 140-grain .284s and all other Barnes bullets I've taken game with opened reliably and quickly. Except one. Here's what happened with that I targeted a big (there he is on my wall now!) waterbuck with a Texas heart shot, figuring my 165-grain TTSX would penetrate deeply enough to win the case

.30 Caliber 168 Grain TTSX Barnes #30370 . $47.54. add to cart. Add to list Add to registry Sig Sauer Elite Match, 308 Win, 168 Grain Open Tip Match, 20 Round Box E308m1-20Model: Elite PerformanceProduct Type: Open Tip MatchUnits per Box: 20Caliber: 308 Win Out of stock Barnes Vor-Tx 308Win 150Gr Ttsx 20/ Barnes Bullets VOR-TX 308 Win 168GR TTSX BT. $ 27.15. Availability: In Stock. Category: RIFLE AMMO. Barnes VOR-TX, 308WIN, 168 Grain, Boat Tail BB308W2. Barnes Bullets VOR-TX 308 Win 168GR TTSX BT quantity. Add to cart. Description Hallo zusammen, Für meine erste selbst geladene Jagdlarborierung In .308 habe ich mir das Barnes TTSX ausgekuckt. Nun stellt sich die Frage nach dem passenden Geschossgewicht. Ich bejage primär Rehwild und das auf Waldjagddistanzen. Klar, 180 Grain und 165 (spezielles Geschoss für .300 winmag..

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  1. Barnes VOR-TX .30-06 168gr TTSX BT. 695 kr. • Vikt: 168 grains • Antal/Ask: 20 st. Relaterade produkter. Barnes VOR-TX .270 Win 130gr TTSX BT Barnes Kula TSX BT 30 Cal (.308) 165gr 575 kr. Gambore Hunting Steel kal. 12 32g . Sök på sidan. Search: Rekommenderad läsning.
  2. I have tested a lot of Barnes TTSX in .35 whelen and small amount in .308 with TTSX 168 grain. Just acquired some 130 grain TTSX for long distance comparisons with other brands. I was surprised with penetration of 130 TTSX due to 3200fps verses 2730fps with the 168 grain. There was quite a difference in impact explosion between the two
  3. al performance. It is best suited for cartridges such as the .308 Winchester, .30-06 and .300 Weatherby
  4. 308 Win Barnes Vor-Tx TTSX 168 grs. Kr 799,-10110. Bestillingsvare. 29C320170.224 Barnes 30 GR VG FB - PER 100. Kr 265,-12828. Bestillingsvare. 213bb300wsm2. 300 WSM Barnes Vortx 165grs. TTSX 20pk. Barnes TTSX er en massiv kobberkule og videreutvikling av Triple Shock kulen
  5. Find your best price for Barnes .308/7.62x51mm Ammo rifle 168 grains | Best Barnes .308/7.62x51mm Ammunition rifle 168 grains - AmmoSeek.com Search Engine 202

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Barnes' TTSX (Tipped Triple Shock X) Barnes Bullets 30284 LRX 7mm .284 168 GR Long-Range X Boat Tail 50 Box. Barnes LRX Barnes Bullets 30320 TSC-TX 300 Blackout .308 120 GR TAC-TX Flat Base 50 Box. This all-copper TAC-TX rifle bullet has a proven reputation for accuracy Barnes 308 150GR TTSX . $65.00. Out of stock. Barnes 308 155gr Match HPBT. $58.00 (from 1 to 3) Barnes 308 165GR TTSX . $66.00. Out of stock. Barnes 308 168gr TSX. $68.00 (from 1 to 3) Barnes 308 168gr TTSX . $67.00 (from 1 to 9) Barnes 308 175GR LRX. $70.00. Out of stock. Barnes 308 175gr Match HPBT. $61.00 (from 1 to 3 Anyone have a recommendation for a powder or 2 to start with in my .308 with Barnes 130 TTSX bullets, lapua brass, and Fed 210 primers? I have never loaded lighter bullets in .308 and just need an idea where to start. Barrel is 24 inch and rifle will be used for whitetail. Want best combo of..

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Although the window at which the 168-grain TSXs and TTSXs reliably upset might differ slightly from their 130-grain cohorts, just as food for thought, take the 1,940-fps velocity of the 168-grain TSX at 500 yards used previously, and consider that, for example, the .308 Win. VOR-TX load propels its 168-grain TTSX to 2,680 fps (factory published. barnes 30366 .30/.308 150gr ttsx bt 50 stÜck 47,14 eur 0,94 eur pro 1 stück; barnes 30370 .30/.308 168gr ttsx bt 50 stÜck 47,81 eur 0,96 eur pro 1 stück; barnes 30364 .30/.308 130gr ttsx bt 50 stÜc It's free and only takes a minute or two. In this video i put the barnes 168 grain tsx bt to the true test hunting an actual deer. A 168-grain TSX BT can also be used in data for the 165-grain. Now they are taking their highly regarded bullets to the next level loading them in ammunition. Barnes Ammo vor-tx .308 win 150 Grain ttsx bt 20 Rounds [BB308W1] Out. We were successful and captured.

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Barnes TTSX Euroline .308 Win., 168 grains ab 68,00 € Geco Star .30-06 Spr. ab 50,00 € Barnes TTSX Euroline .308 Win., 150 grains ab 68,00 € Lapua Naturalis .30-06 Spr. ab 63,90 € RWS Hit .30-06 Spr. ab 80,00 € Barnes TTSX Euroline 8x57 IS. 43.50 grains CCI 200 808 m/s 22 mm Thompson ICON Precision Hunter Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Vihtavouri 140 39.5 grains Cci 250 magnum 23 mm Blaser R93 47cm pipa Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Vihtavuori N540 44 grains CCI LR 15 mm R8 Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Barnes TTSX question. 07-10-2014, 20:07. I have been loading the Barnes 168g TSX in the 30-06 and have great results over 55 grains of H4350. I have a box of the TTSX and want to load them up and give them a whirl. My question is has anyone gone through this before and did you have to start from scratch with your load or did the same powder and. barnes ttsx 308 168 grain for sale, Rifle Bullets. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe Quick View.30 Caliber 150 Grain MPG Barnes #3033 The TTSX is a solid-copper bullet with a polymer tip-something new for Barnes in a .308/130 grs., 150 grs.; 168 grs., 180 grs.; .338/160grs., 210 grs., 225grs. weight bullets in several reloading manuals, I arrived at conservative starting loads for the 110-grain TTSX. Federal Large Rifle Magnum primers had worked well in the past,.

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  1. According to Barnes, the 165 has a shorter nose profile for cartridges like the 300wm so they will fit in most magazines, it also requires a slightly higher impact speed of 1800fps vs. 1500fps for the 168 TTSX. If I were going to pick one to use in the 30-06, it would be the 168, however the 165 would work fine as well..
  2. I have been using TTSX and TSX for the past two years on my last six deer. Details.Barnes tsx deerNov 01, 2020 · 300 HAM'R | 110 gr. Barnes Tipped TSX (TTSX) Bullets . I love the Barnes TSX or TTSX. 223 is to light for deer hun ting then is a. My experience is that Varget is one of the best powders to use with the 308 in the 150-168 grain range
  3. im expansion was 1,500 fps. Although I kind of doubt it expands that much at 1,500. I assume 2,000 for good expansion. If I were only shooting whitetail I'd go with a 130gr and make it fast
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Barnes, VOR-TX, 308WIN, 168 Grain, Tipped Triple Shock X, Boat Tail, Lead Free, 20 Round Box, California Certified Nonlead Ammunition. Warnin Buy Barnes VOR-TX 308 Win Ammo 168 grain TTSX BT 20rds : GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Ammunition Ammunition All: 91447027 Barnes Barnes, VOR-TX, 308WIN, 168 Grain, Tipped Triple Shock X, Boat Tail, Lead Free, 20 Round Box, California Certified Nonlead Ammunition. MSRP: $52.00 $48.99 ( saved $3.01 ) Write a Review Write a Review ×. Barnes Barnes, VOR-TX.

The Barnes TTSX (with blue polymer tip) That Alaskan brown bear fell to a 270-grain Barnes X from his .375 H&H Magnum, In those cases where the volume is already a bit compromised - like the .308 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington and .350 Remington Magnum. I 3006 vil jeg anbefale 150grains TTSX som jeg har skutt flere dyr med. 168 grains har jeg bare brukt i 308 Norma Magnum. Siden farten blir litt lav i 3006 synes eg. Jeg har kun skutt hjort med 150/168 grains Barnes og har aldri funnet igjen noen kuler. Ekspansjonstester gjorde at jeg fikk kalde føtter med 3006 og 168 grains Barnes kuler 308 Winchester 130-grain TTSX BT Sectional Density .196 Ballistic Coefficient .350 C.O.A.L 2.735 110-grain TTSX FB / TAC-TX FB Sectional Density .166 Ballistic Coefficient .295 C.O.A.L 2.735 uggested ullet se Suggested Bullet Use Suggested Bullet Use Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution - Always Start With Minimum Loads. *Recommended. The load featuring a 150 grain Barnes TTSX will also work for larger game like elk in a pinch, but it's much better suited for deer, bear, and pronghorn. That high velocity 130 grain load is great .308 ammo for deer and pronghorn hunting Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear

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Kogelpatronen Sako Powerhead II .308 Win Barnes TTSX 168 grain. 73,40. Reserveren. Zet op verlanglijst. Snelle levering. Veilig winkelen & betalen. Veel productkennis. Direct leverbaar. Kogelpatronen Sako Powerhead II 6.5 Creedmoor Barnes TTSX 120 grain. 64,13. Reserveren. Zet op verlanglijst These revolutionary bullets from Barnes are made of 100% copper and contain no lead. Barnes recommends initially seating bullets 0.050″ off the lands. Best accuracy will be found from 0.030″ to 0.070″ depending on the rifle. This is not loaded ammunition. Specifications: - Caliber: 30 - Bullet Diameter: 0.308 - Bullet Weight: 168 Grains

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  1. Barnes Tipped TSX (TTSX) Bullets .30 cal .308 168 gr TTSXBT 50/ct. While hunters can still go through reloading and casting at home, Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X Bullets are for when serious power is needed to take down large game. These bullets offer one-shot kill capability thanks to the polymer tip that increases ballistic coefficient that enhances ballistics i
  2. gton Hog Hammer 308 Winchester Ammo 168 Grain Barnes Triple-Shock X Hollow Point - PHH308W2 Re
  3. My experience is that Varget is one of the best powders to use with the 308 in the 150-168 grain range. I picked up a box of Barnes ttsx bullets today in 308@150 gr. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories

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Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Vihtavuori VV140 41,5 grains CCI 200 12mm mm Tikka m76 Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Norma 202 40.5 grains Federal 215 16 mm Howa 1500 Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Norma 202 42 grains CCI 200 LR 772 m/s Sako 85 51cm pipa Barnes TTSX: 168 grains Barnes, VOR-TX, 30-06, 168 Grain, Tipped Triple Shock X, Boat Tail, Lead Free, 20 Round Box, California Certified Nonlead Ammunition WARNING 30-06 Springfield 2,850 Feet per second 168 Grain TTSX boat tail 20 Rounds per box Lead free Product Description Barnes(R) VOR-TX(R) is precision ammunition loaded with the deadlies Loaded up some 130 grain Barnes TTSX over Ramshot TAC for my boys .308. I'm getting 3000 FPS with light recoil and enough energy to still be lethal on deer out to 500. I'm excited for this load

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  1. Das 150er Barnes TTSX sollte von der Länge etwa mit einem 165er Bleigeschoss vergleichbar sein. Das 165er Barnes entspricht etwa dem 180er Blei. In der VV Tabelle ist aber ein 165 Speer SPBT drin. Dem Fehlt die Spitze; sitzt also bei der angegebenen Länge weiter raus (mehr Pulver). Dann gibt es da noch das 155 Sierra HPBT
  2. Barnes VOR-TX 308 Winchester Ammo 168 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free ammo review offers the following information;Barnes bullets have historically had the reputation of offering quick, clean and humane kills.Now they are taking their highly regarded bullets to the next level loading them in ammunition
  3. Barnes Tipped Triple-Shock X (TTSX) Spitzer Boat Tail Lead Free Bullets SCHEELS Please select Caliber, Quantity and Grain above. Deliver It. Limit of 2 Shipping Information. Product Description 1489-30370. The Barnes Tipped TSX features a 100-percent copper body with rings cut into the shank
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Barnes TTSX 130 grain - .308 Win Barnes TTSX 130 My best group was 5 shots in .465 (a little larger than a dime) at 100 yards with the following load.Barnes TTSX 130 grain lead freeRamshot TAC 47.3 I stood one of the TTSX 150 gr bullets up next to a Hornady AMAX 168 gr and the TTSX 150 gr was actually longer. Barnes ttsx. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts You know, the ttsx variant are for long range, I was never able to get any accuracy with a 110 grain bullet out of a 30.06. You might be able to though. My .270 however loves 110 grain hollow points.. 8 MUNICIÓN BARNES VOR TX TTSX. Condición: Nuevo. Ésta munición de caza mayor se está ganando su fama, libre de plomo pero demoledora. Más detalles .308 win - 150 y 168 grains (indicar en observaciones).300 WM - 150, 168 y 180 grains (indicar en observaciones Our moose hunting tips book is written with not just the novice in mind, there are tips in the book that even the most seasoned moose hunter will find of value. The book includes 57 chapters, with more than 150 pages of information, jam packed with tips, techniques and discussions - The Ultimate Guide to Moose Hunting! Top of Barnes 150 gr TTSX