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New Caledonia boasts the second longest double barrier reef in the world, with a length of more than 900 miles! Social intricacies. The official language of New Caledonia is French, although there are 33 local dialects also spoken here! Before you set sail for New Caledonia you'll want to pack a few CFP Francs, the official currency here New Caledonia Cultural Facts. New Caledonia has a populace of around 272,000 people. The population is 39% Kanak (Melanesian). Twenty-seven percent are of European descent, though most were born on the islands. The rest are of mixed descent or come from areas other than Europe

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  1. • 12 December 2020 • Visits Travelling is one of the most popular hobbies around the world; most people like to spend their vacation days exploring areas and countries they have not yet visited, which makes for a very nice break from work
  2. New Caledonia (/ ˌ k æ l ɪ ˈ d oʊ n i ə /; French: Nouvelle-Calédonie) is a sui generis collectivity of overseas France in the southwest Pacific Ocean, south of Vanuatu, about 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia, and 17,000 km (11,000 mi) from Metropolitan France.The archipelago, part of the Melanesia subregion, includes the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Islands, the.
  3. Here are 17 surprising facts about New Caledonia that will inspire you to jump on a plane and head over right away. 1. New Caledonia is a French archipelago located in the South Pacific
  4. New Caledonia Facts. New Caledonia, French Nouvelle-Calédonie, French Overseas Territory ( territoire d'outre-mer ) in Melanesia, Southwest Pacific; 18 580 km 2, 280 600 residents (2018).New Caledonia is located approximately 1,200 km east of Australia. The main island of Grande Terre, with the capital Nouméa, is an elongated, mountainous.
  5. New Caledonia lies in the subregion of Melanesia, just 2 hours east of Brisbane, south of the Equator, and west of Fiji and Vanuatu. It is about half the size of Taiwan, having a land area of 18,575.5kms, and is made up of three main sections—the mainland, Grand Terre; the coral and limestone Loyalty Islands; and several smaller islands scattered throughout the Coral Sea, including the Isle.
  6. New Caledonia is a French territory in the South Pacific known for its pristine rainforests, lush mountains, and beautiful palm-lined beaches. Keep tapping for some fascinating facts about this secluded, sun-kissed sailing escape! New Caledonia is an archipelago in the South Pacific, off the Australian coast
  7. Physical map of New Caledonia showing major cities, terrain, national parks, rivers, and surrounding countries with international borders and outline maps. Key facts about New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a French overseas territory located in the Southwest Pacific near Australia. It consists of the large island of New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands, the Isle of Pines, and several smaller island groups. The capital is Noumea. New Caledonia's moderately developed economy is based on mining and, to a lesser degree, tourism New Caledonia Fast Facts. Climate. New Caledonia enjoys a sub-tropical climate year-round, with maximum temperatures averaging between 25°C and 30°C in the warm season from September to March, and between 20°C and 23°C in the cooler months from April to August. Trade winds and occasional cool evenings may require warmer clothes Capital Facts for Nouméa, New Caledonia. September 2, 2020 by Danny Metrics. New Caledonia flag A primary port located on a protected deep-water harbor, Nouméa serves as New Caledonia's capital city. New Caledonia is an overseas territory comprised of dozens of islands If our interesting facts about New Caledonia have you ready to plan a visit, you should also know that one of the best ways to see this unspoiled tropical paradise is from aboard a yacht. With no set itinerary, sailors can explore inside the southern mainland's extensive lagoons and atolls, stopping at will to enjoy the nearly endless selection of beautiful coves, reefs and inlets New Caledonia is an all-year-round holiday destination for the whole family. However, April, May, October and November are the months offering the best balance between heat and rainfall. Learn more about New Caledonia's climate and weather before you travel to find your perfect time to visit. Are there any signposted hiking trails in New.

New Caledonia has been French ever since. The city of Noumea, the present capital of New Caledonia, was founded in 1854. A penal colony. From 1864 onwards, thousands of convicts were shipped to the colony. New Caledonia was made a penal colony by Napoleon III; around 5,000 Communard deportees were sent there Interesting facts about New Caledonia January 23, 2019 February 2, 2019 admintag If there is a truly heavenly spot on Earth, then it is probably located here, in New Caledonia. At least, so say those who happened to be here. And it. Here are 6 interesting facts about Nouméa, New Caledonia. 1. A British trader named James Paddon established the first European settlement near what is today the city of Nouméa in 1851. The French established a settlement nearby three years later, and the island of New Caledonia became a French possession in 1853 New Caledonia, French unique collectivity in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 900 miles (1,500 km) east of Australia. It includes the island of New Caledonia (the Grande Terre), where the capital, Noumea, is located; the Loyalty Islands; the Belep Islands; and the Ile des Pins. Learn more about New Caledonia here

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  1. The geography of New Caledonia (Nouvelle-Calédonie), an overseas collectivity of France located in the subregion of Melanesia, makes the continental island group unique in the southwest Pacific.Among other things, the island chain has played a role in preserving unique biological lineages from the Mesozoic.It served as a waystation in the expansion of the predecessors of the Polynesians, the.
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  3. The New Caledonia Great Barrier Reef is the second largest great barrier reef in the world. The world's highest biodiversity of seal snails is found in the waters off New Caledonia. There are two families of sponges, that are considered living fossils, and the waters off New Caledonia is one of the last refuges of the endangered dugong
  4. Interesting Facts. 1. New Caledonia is a very small island, about 7,172 square miles, and it has over 250,000 inhabitants. Even though New Caledonia is mostly made up of dense forests and beautiful beaches, there are still lots of people living there. 2

Facts and stats about New Caledonia including Population, GDP, Hectares, Gross National Income, Per 1,000 people and More Interesting Facts and Stat New Caledonia Facts: The islands of the Pacific are usually divided into three areas: Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. Countries in Melanesia are Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. New Caledonia, an Overseas Territory of France, is also included in the Melanesian group In 1853 New Caledonia became a French colony. For some time after 1854 the island served as a penal colony, meaning that the French sent their convicts and prisoners to live on the island. In the 1980s and 1990s the local New Caledonians began to ask for independence. Per the Noumea Accord, more and more responsibility will be moved from France.

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Nouméa, city, port, and capital of the French overseas country of New Caledonia, southwestern Pacific Ocean, in the southwestern corner of the main island of New Caledonia. It was founded in 1854 as Port-de-France. It is situated on an excellent deepwater harbour protected by Nou Island and a reef New Caledonia was on the UN's Decolonisation List in 1986, and times are a changin' with a referendum on self-determination scheduled for the end of 2018. What better way to teach kids about history, explorers, colonialism, and democracy in action than by visiting a country deciding whether to remain a colony of France or to move to full independence in the early 21st century Interesting facts about New Caledonia Is a great opportunity to learn more about France. It is a large island in the Pacific Ocean, which also includes a group of relatively small islands. In 2018, a referendum was organized on the independence of New Caledonia from France, as a result of which the overwhelming majority of the voters opposed independence

In 1990, there were 382 members in New Caledonia. By 1997, there were more than 1,000 members. For Journalist Use Only. Richard Hunter New Zealand Phone: 64(9)488-5572 Mobile: 64-21-240-7804. E-mail: Hunterra@ldschurch.or Fun facts about the New Caledonia reef. New Caledonia's marine waters harbour the second longest double barrier reef in the world, which reaches a length of 1,500kilometres. Much of the enormous species diversity in New Caledonia is yet unclassified as new species of fish and invertebrates are being discovered regularly. Fish diversity is. New Caledonia has been French ever since. The city of Noumea, the present capital of New Caledonia, was founded in 1854. From 1864 onwards, thousands of convicts were shipped to the colony.

Do not travel to New Caledonia due to COVID-19 and related travel restrictions.. Read the Department of State's COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 4 Travel Health Notice for New Caledonia due to COVID-19, indicating a very high level of COVID-19 in the country Nya Kaledonien (franska Nouvelle-Calédonie) är en ögrupp i Melanesien och utgör ett franskt område med särskild status (i praktiken ett utomeuropeiskt territorium).FN anser området vara ett icke-självstyrande område. [1]Nya Kaledonien består av huvudön Grande Terre och ett antal mindre öar. Den totala landytan är 18 576 kvadratkilometer och antalet invånare var 240 400 den 1. We is a small place in the region of Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia with a population of approximately 10,375 people and is one of the largest places in New Caledonia.Find all facts and information about We. Facts and figures on We at a glance Name: We (Wé) Status: Small place and regional capital Population: 10,375 peopl

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  2. About New Caledonia. The Pacific island of New Caledonia is a nature lover's paradise. Punching well above its weight, the island lays claim to impressive natural features including the largest lagoon in the world and a 1,500km-long (930 mile) coral reef, second only in size to Australia's Great Barrier Reef
  3. Church activity in New Caledonia began in the 1950s as a few Tahitian members migrated to work in a nickel smelter. They were organized into the Noumea Branch (a small congregation) on 21 October 1961, however, visas for missionaries were not obtained until 1967. On 15 July 1968, the first two missionaries arrived, Harold and Jeannine Richards.
  4. New Caledonia was first settled by the agricultural and seafaring Lapita people who were there as far back as 1350 BC. The Lapita are thought to be relatives of modern day Polynesians, Melanesians and Micronesians. Captain Cook first sighted and named New Caledonia in 1774, but Europe showed little interest in the area until about 1840, when.
  5. In New Caledonia, an archipelago located in the Pacific Ocean to the south of the Equator, the climate is tropical, influenced by the trade winds, with a hot and rainy season, a cool and drier season, and two intermediate periods. - The hot season, humid and rainy, runs from late December to late March.The temperatures in this season are high, around 30/32 °C (86/90 °F) during the day, but.
  6. New Caledonia's only mammals include several endemic bat and flying fox species. You can see the New Caledonia blossom bat (Notopteris neocaledonicus), the Loyalty Island long-fingered bat (Miniopterus robustior) and the ornate flying fox (Pteropus ornatu).Interesting Facts About the Fauna of New Caledonia
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  1. 10 Top THINGS TO DO in New Caledonia. BEST THINGS TO DO IN NEW CALEDONIA . New Caledonia is a French Collectivity located in the South Pacific. It is one of the most beautiful Islands that is surrounded by Turquoise blue waters and white sand
  2. New Caledonia was first discovered by Captain Cook in September 1774. The island is tricolor and similar to the French flag (a white strip of sand and coral reefs, the blue of the water and the red mountains that frame the coast), which is quite funny because this territory belongs to France. The rock islands Continue reading Learn the most interesting facts about New Caledonia
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  4. The islands were probably settled by migrants from Papua New Guinea and Polynesia. James Cook visited the islands in 1774 and a few other Europeans followed. Missionaries began arriving in 1840. France took over in 1853 and ruled through military governors. The French used it as a penal colony, transporting 40,000 convicts there from 1864-1897. New Caledonia remains part of France with the.

The Great South is renowned for nature, but it's the red soil that dominates. Green tourism and sporting activities are key to this region, with hikers particularly keen to trek the hundreds of trails. Blue River Provincial Park, a short forty-five minute drive south of Noumea, is the largest park in New Caledonia, and a definite highlight NEW CALEDONIA RELIGION. NEW CALEDONIA RELIGION is best known from the work of Maurice Leenhardt, a former Protestant missionary (Soci é t é des Missions É vang é liques Pratique de Paris), who was Marcel Mauss's successor as professor of comparative religions at the É cole Pratique des Hautes É tudes.. Because each local group (mwaro) in New Caledonia is linked with an animal or plant or. New Caledonia was a part of France from 1946 until the late 1990s, when the nation passed the Noumea Accord. This legislation stipulates that New Caledonia, a group of islands in the southern Pacific ocean, will gradually begin operating more independently between 2000 and 2010, at which time France will retain governmental authority only in areas of currency, defense, public order, justice. New Caledonia country profile. Unique New Caledonia content for tourists, students & business . New Caledonia Overview - Overview - Customs and Culture - Language - Religion - Interesting Facts. People Government - Politics Geography Economy News - Weather History Photos - Video Travel Link-to-CountryReports Sources United States Edition New Caledonia is an island archipelago in the Pacific Ocean which enjoys one of the more moderate climates in the world. The high temperatures are not so high and the low temperatures are not so low which makes the climate overall very pleasant indeed

Lagoons of New Caledonia: Reef Diversity and Associated Ecosystems. This serial site comprises six marine clusters that represent the main diversity of coral reefs and associated ecosystems in the French Pacific Ocean archipelago of New Caledonia and one of the three most extensive reef systems in the world Australia and New Caledonia living comparison. Explore similarities and differences. Settled by both Britain and France during the first half of the 19th century, the island became a French possession in 1853. It served as a penal colony for four decades after 1864. Agitation for independence during the 1980s and early 1990s ended in the 1998 Noumea Accord, which over a period of 15 to 20. Backes rejects delaying New Caledonia independence referendum. 20 Oct 2021. A leading anti-independence politician in New Caledonia Sonia Backes has rejected calls for the referendum on independence from France to be postponed, saying it should be held as planned. Backes rejects delaying New Caledonia independence referendum

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All things to do in New Caledonia Commonly Searched For in New Caledonia Sights & Landmarks in New Caledonia Popular New Caledonia Categories. Good for Children Good for Couples Budget-friendly Good for Big Groups Free Entry Honeymoon spot Good for a Rainy Day Good for Adrenaline Seekers Hidden Gems Adventurous New Caledonia rejects independence, will stay part of France. Most voters choose to remain part of France, instead of backing independence, in second of three possible referendums. Published On. 4. New Caledonia is locked down from Tuesday the 7th to Monday the 20th of september included. International flights are suspended for all passengers, except for medical staff. Regular international flights to and from New Caledonia have been suspended since 20 March 2020 and will remain so until at least 31 December 2021 (except for exemption) NOUMEA: New Caledonia, a remote island territory belonging to France in the southwestern Pacific, will hold a referendum vote on independence Sunday for the second time in two years. Here are some. New Caledonia. There are two primary facts about New Caledonia that are particularly interesting and unique. The first is that it was formally colonized by the French in 1864, and for the next four decades following, it served as a Penal Colony

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There are two primary facts about New Caledonia that are particularly interesting and unique. The first is that it was formally colonized by the French in 1864, and for the next four decades following, it served as a Penal Colony. The prison of 'New Caledonia', which housed thousands of French felons, would serve until 1897 [ All things to do in New Caledonia Commonly Searched For in New Caledonia Sights & Landmarks in New Caledonia Popular New Caledonia Categories. Good for Kids Good for Couples Budget-friendly Good for Big Groups Free Entry Honeymoon spot Good for a Rainy Day Good for Adrenaline Seekers Hidden Gems Adventurous Things to do in Lifou. There is no shortage of things to do in Lifou, New Caledonia. From the cruise, a short ride in the tender boats will take you to the ferry where the traditional music & dance Performance by local people welcomes you to Lifou Island

New Caledonia History, Language and Culture History of New Caledonia. Discovered and named by explorer Captain James Cook (it's said the terrain reminded him of Scotland) in 1776, the island of New Caledonia became a French colony in 1853 and a French Overseas Territory in 1946 New Caledonia's climate is tropical. Environment Grande Terre, the main island of New Caledonia, was part of the giant continent of Gondwana which started to break apart over one hundred million years ago. New Zealand and New Caledonia separated from Australia, and New Caledonia eventually broke away from New Zealand Go sightseeing, visit the city's beaches, get active with a multitude of cycling, kayaking and walking opportunities and soak in the sights of this unique city. Read on to find our list of recommended activities and things to do in Noumea, New Caledonia. 3. Inundate yourself at the Tjibaou Cultural Center

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New Caledonia is more than your typical beach destination. It offers hiking, camping, snorkeling, diving, amazing french food, mountain chalets and of course paradisiac beaches In this article we will explore all the best things to do in New Caledonia and why it should be your next travel destination Eating in New Caledonia is an absolute delight. Outdoor markets burst with colour and life, and there's always a little surprise to be found, such as plump, just-baked chocolate cake for sale in a remote regional market. In restaurants and even fast-food snack bars, even the simplest-sounding dish will be a taste-sensation New Caledonia Things to Do #1: How to choose which island to visit The first step to find things to do in New Caledonia is to answer this question: how many islands do you plan to visit? New Caledonia is an archipelago made of five main islands (and many other tiny small ones) 1 New Caledonia Land Register (DITTT) data, which exclude lakes and ponds larger than 1 km² (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) as well as the estuaries of rivers. Nouméa city flag, 2011. Small scale map of the city. Nouméa ( French pronunciation: [numea]) is the capital and largest city of the French special collectivity of New Caledonia and is also.

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Browse New Englander Style House for sale in Caledonia, NY with interesting facts, data, photos, and prices. Find your next home on ZeroDown now Fun Facts about New Caledonia for Kids. 264,000 people live in New Caledonia. New Caledonia has a total land mass of 7,241 square miles. Most people are Roman Catholic or Protestant. The official language is French, although several native dialects are spoken. People in New Caledonia can expect to live 77 years New Caledonia has many unique taxa, especially birds and plants. It has the richest diversity in the world per square kilometre. In its botany not only species but entire genera and even families are unique to the island, and survive nowhere else. The biodiversity is caused by Grande Terre's central mountain range, which has created a variety of niches, landforms and micro-climates where. New Caledonia is divided up into various regions and the weather forecasts for each region are broadcast on VHF Ch: 66 at a set number of minutes after the hour. 43 Facts About New Caledonia New Caledonia country facts (area, population, GDP, currency, location, capital, population density). Largest cities of New Caledonia. Images, top tourist attractions and famous people of New Caledonia

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Facts about New Caledonia. World Facts Index. Settled by both Britain and France during the first half of the 19th century, the island was made a French possession in 1853. It served as a penal colony for four decades after 1864 New Caledonia facts, New Caledonia geography, travel New Caledonia, New Caledonia internet resources, links to New Caledonia. Official web sites of New Caledonia, the capital of New Caledonia, art, culture, history, cities, airlines, embassies, tourist boards and newspapers You are leaving the Mormon Newsroom. You are about to access Constant Contacts (http://visitor.constantcontact.com). You are now leaving a website maintained by The. Från vildmarksslätten på västkusten och ökenlandskapet i söder till tropiska berg på östkusten, bländande stränder på Loyality Islands och en pulserande huvudstad, Noumea, är Nya Kaledonien en slående blandning av imponerande geografi och en mångsidig kultur. Det finns något för alla åldrar och intressen, oavsett om det är att. Significant Flora Species Of New Caledonia. From the humid lowland forests of Melaleuca to Erythrinas in the low shrublands, the flora species in New Caledonia varies from places to places. Among 196 plant families available in the entire region, the five endemic families are -. Around 14% genera and 79.5% species are deemed endemic

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Ouate is a place in New Caledonia.Find all facts and information about Ouate. Facts and figures on Ouate at a glance Name: Ouate (Ouaté) Status: Place Country: New Caledonia Continent: Oceania The distance from Ouate to New Caledonia's capital Noumea (Nouméa) is approximately 184 km / 114 mi (as the crow flies). Maybe also interesting: Distances from Ouate to the largest places in New Caledonia New Caledonia (French: Nouvelle-Calédonie; popular name: Le caillou) (Malay: Caledonia Baru) is a sui generis collectivity (in practice an overseas territory) of France, made up of a main island (Grande Terre) and several smaller islands. It is in the region of Melanesia in the southwest Pacific Lagoons of New Caledonia, France Key facts • Recommended by IUCN for inscription on the World Heritage List in July 2008 at the World Heritage Committee in Quebec City, Canada, for its natural beauty, biological diversity and ecological processes

Europeans first sighted New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands in the late 18th century. The British explorer James Cook sighted Grande Terre in 1774 and named it New Caledonia, Caledonia being the. Sailing New Caledonia presents many opportunities. Visit Nouméa, New Caledonia's capital, which features French cultural influences. This cosmopolitan city feels much like the French Riviera, although it sits thousands of nautical miles away in the South Pacific. Colorful waterfronts are lined with bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs In 2008, UNESCO added the Lagoons of New Caledonia to the World Heritage Site list. The Lagoons comprise six marine clusters that represent the main diversity of coral reefs and associated ecosystems in the French Pacific Ocean archipelago of New Caledonia and one of the three most extensive reef systems in the world

The New Caledonia dry forests contain 379 plant species of which 59 are endemic only in dry forests (WWF).Tropical dry forests are the most endangered forest type. New Caledonia has less than 2 percent of remaining patches of dry forest due to land clearance, fire, cattle ranching, and cropland conversion (Encyclopedia of Earth, 2007) New Caledonia and Australia living comparison. Explore similarities and differences. Prehistoric settlers arrived on the continent from Southeast Asia at least 40,000 years before the first Europeans began exploration in the 17th century. No formal territorial claims were made until 1770, when Capt. James COOK took possession of the east coast in the name of Great Britain (all of Australia was.

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New Caledonia -- Statistics -- Periodicals. | New Caledonia -- Economic conditions -- Statistics -- Periodicals. Other authors/contributors: Institut territorial de la statistique et des etudes economiques (New Caledonia) Also Titled: New Caledonia facts and figure New Caledonia is a French colony - so the national language is French. If you are a seafood-lover you will love this place. So fresh! For hiking, you will definitely need to bring some proper shoes. Since the hiking views are incredible, it will be worth packing extra gear The top things to do and see during your time in New Caledonia, from diving in the world's biggest lagoon to visiting a shark nursery. The fundamentals of your trip to New-Caledonia. Happening now in France. Places to go. Things to do. Plan your trip. Newsletter Subscription

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New Caledonia offers a choice of top things to do, from sailing, scuba diving and kayaking to hiking scenic forest trails. Discover a choice of sea- and land-based activities in New Caledonia - just perfect for active couples enjoying a honeymoon or romantic getaway holiday Top 10 things to do in New Caledonia. These are the 10 best things in New Caledonia: Oro Bay. Snorkel at Piscine Naturelle. Hike up Pic N'Ga. Sail on a pirogue. See the turtles from the cliffs at Bourail. Lobster dining at Kuto Bay. Explore the Iles Des Pins

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Things to Do in New Caledonia, South Pacific: See Tripadvisor's 70,233 traveller reviews and photos of New Caledonia tourist attractions. Find what to do today, this weekend or in November. We have reviews of the best places to see in New Caledonia. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions There are two primary facts about New Caledonia that are particularly interesting and unique. The first is that it was formally colonized by the French in 1864, and for the next four decades following, it served as a Penal Colony There are two primary facts about New Caledonia that are particularly interesting and unique. The first is that it was formally colonized by the French i

To help you plan your visit, here is our guide to the best places and shopping areas in New Caledonia. Select from our best shopping destinations in New Caledonia without breaking the bank. Read reviews, compare malls, and browse photos of our recommended places to shop in New Caledonia on Tripadvisor New Caledonia is a multi-cultural society consisting of mainly Melanesians (Kanak) and European (French). The remainder are mainly Polynesian and Asian. The official language of New Caledonia is French while some English is spoken by those in the tourism industry. There are also an estimated 30 Kanak dialects Primary Education. The education system in New Caledonia still mirrors that of the French colonial power, and is compulsory and free from age 6 to 16. Primary schooling lasts for 5 years, during which time pupils will have obtained a firm foundation for their further education New Caledonia is one of the few places in the world celebrating this festival so it's a unique experience worth indulging in. In case you are wondering how this unique festival came about, it is actually a nod to that time when the townspeople of Bessieres, as a show of charity during the war, created a giant omelette to feed the army of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte Children's play area at La Tontoua International Airport Things to Do in Noumea with Kids What We Did Aquarium des Lagons (Lagoon Aquarium) Kids absolutely enjoyed visiting Aquarium d e Lagon s.Conveniently located in Anse Vata Bay, the small aquarium showcases different marine ecosystems in New Caledonia and its colorful and unique marine species New Caledonia Geography 2000 . Location: Oceania, islands in the South Pacific Ocean, east of Australia Geographic coordinates: 21 30 S, 165 30 E Map references: Oceania Area